General theme of the Fatima 2018 Meeting: Reconciliation, a sign of love

When we Gather together in our community, in our family and in our place of work, in accordance with our vocation, we are also building HIS kingdom of Love with Him.
Our wish is that the Fátima Gathering may be, for all of us, a place where true Encounter happens as we allow God’s grace to work in us.
On our arrival our Father’s embrace will confirm that we are welcomed and listened to as His children through His love for us.
The love that flows from the Father’s heart will fill us with His mercy so that we, as sinners, will understand that we are lovingly embraced (Lk14, 11-32) and His love will overflow in us.
Our wish is that distance may be overcome by the close relationship of Father and child; that fear may give place to courage; that joy may replace sadness and that our limitations may be transformed into the strength of children of God.
Love forgets all, understands all and renews us for a new life.
Mary, who has opened the door of Her House for us, will always be present as she is at the Beginning when she bears and offers us Jesus and at the end when she offers us her Resurrected Son.
Let us try to follow her example and may the grace of Her Son transform us during this great Gathering because Reconciliation is always a sign of Love.

“Let us be spurred on by the signs of holiness that the Lord shows us through the humblest members of that people”
Gaudete et Exultate, 8

To e Zé Moura Soares
Couple Responsible for ERI