History of International Meetings

Get to know the chronology of the International Meetings of Our Lady’s Teams!


XI International Meeting Brasilia 2012

General Theme: “Dare to live the Gospel”. 3500 couples and roughly 500 Spiritual Counsellors participated in this gathering. It was the first time that the gathering was held outside of Europe and reflected the international spirit of the Movement. The orientation for the next 6 years, 2012-2018, based on the theme of Meeting, were articulated around three ideas: Couples: Dare to immerse your heart in Christ’s Love; Dare to Welcome and Look After Mankind; Dare to go out into the World in the service of the Church.

X International Meeting Lourdes 2006

General Theme: “Teams of Our Lady: living communities of couples and reflections of Christ’s Love”. 8100 members of the Movement from over 50 countries worldwide met in Lourdes. This gathering saw the opening of the Cause for Canonisation of Father Caffarel.

IX International Meeting Santiage de Compostela 2000

General Theme: “The Couple, an image of a Trinitarian God”. 3400 couples and 300 Spiritual Counsellors from 57 countries gathered and Pope John Paul II reminded them that the Teams of Our Lady had “a mission to propose married and family spirituality that is firmly anchored in the sacrament of marriage”.

VIII International Meeting Fatima 1994

General Theme: “Being a Family in Today’s Church and in the World ”.  Within the framework of the International Year of the Family, 5200 team members representing 49 countries gathered at Fatima and were invited to “the Wedding Feast of Cana”.

VII International Meeting Lourdes 1988

General Theme: “Second Wind”.  “Second Wind” was the departure point, a reference text; a call for creativity, aimed at all teams the world over. In this spirit, 3400 couples and 260 priests assembled at Lourdes to confirm the mission of the Teams of Our Lady: to ensure the diffusion of married spirituality, by reminding all that the sacrament of marriage demanded abnegation and that it is the way to love, happiness and holiness.

VI International Meeting Rome 1982

General theme: «Christ walks with us».  5000 pilgrims in Rome are welcomed by Pope John Paul II: «Christian marriage is an Easter».

V International Meeting Roma 1976

General Theme: “Teams of Our Lady in the Service of Evangelisation”. After the official recognition of the Movement, the Responsible Team put together a document that updated the Charter, entitled “What a Team of Our Lady is: additional material for the Charter.” Pope Paul VI in his speech to the Team members declared, “Remain how you were on the first day… a true school of spirituality for married couples.” The Youth Teams of Our Lady grew out of this gathering.

IV International Meeting Rome 1970

General Theme: “Human Love is a Way to Holiness”.  2000 couples and 200 Spiritual Counsellors from 23 countries heard Pope Paul VI corroborate “the specific vocation of couples united by the sacrament of marriage.” The Teams of Our Lady Movement took on an international dimension from here onwards.

III International Meeting Lourdes 1965

General Theme: “Teams of Our Lady in the service of a new commandment”. In front of 7000 team members, Father Caffarel reiterated the vocation of the Movement: the mystique of sharing, fraternal charity and service within the Church.

II International Meeting Rome 1959

General Theme: “The Vocation and Direction of Teams of Our Lady”. Pope John XXIII received approximately 2050 team members. 

I International Meeting Lourdes 1954

General theme: “Teams of Our Lady, an International Movement”.  900 team members attended, confirming the Movement.